Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Those messed up looks are just so chic. The wet hairs allowed to dry naturally, those untidy hairs are my personal favourite.

What do you think about it? Have you ever tried those untidy, messy looks? It may sound wiered but they work best for me, just bun it up, leave it down or an uneven pony tail or some strands sticking out here and there, is at top of my lists. All of them are just too elegant, stylish and raw.....

So wear those messy looks tomorrow and let me know if those looks compliment you. As of now I am off for a dinner with my colleagues, and looking forward to some good, healthy food!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Hello People…Allow me to introduce myself…My name is Shreshtha….And I am new to this blogging world. I got into blogging after spending months reading all the inspiration that is found in blogland.

I intend to post anything and everything that I am interested and attracted towards like Fashion, Lifestyle, Food, and Healthy Living…. Fashion to me is anything that defines ME….Whoever says that they don’t care about fashion, style, unconsciously pick up cloths every morning that says lot about them. . I feel the way you dress, the way you wear your make up, colors that you apply on your nails, lips and eyes, your shoes, your bags, food you eat, drinks you drink, all reveals a real YOU and YOUR INNER SELF.

The title “GET IT NOTED” was easy for me. We all deep inside ourselves love and admire few things a lot, but are not able to express and share with others. I am just trying to express, every new post is an adventure. Every comment and email is exciting. Hope you like what I have to share …